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ondodioceselogoOn January 12, 1943 the Vicariate of Ondo-Ilorin, consisting of the Civil Provinces of Ondo and Ilorin, was carved out of both the Vicariate of Asaba-Benin and the Vicariate of the Bight of Benin. Bishop Thomas Hughes S.M.A. was the Vicar Apostolic. In 1950, this Vicariate of Ondo-Ilorin became the Diocese of Ondo. His Lordship, Most Rev. Bishop Hughes, S.M.A., was appointed Bishop of this new Diocese. On his death in 1957, he was succeeded by his Lordship, Most Rev. Dr. William R. Field, S.M.A., consecrated Bishop on April 27, 1958.

On December 6, 1960, the Prefecture of Ilorin was carved out of the Diocese of Ondo with Bishop William Mahony, SMA as his first Bishop.

On October 10, 1971, His Lordship, Most Rev. Dr. Michael O. Fagun, became the first Auxiliary Bishop of Ondo Diocese and when the Diocese of Ekiti was detached from the Diocese of Ondo on October 10, 1972, he became first Residential Bishop of Ekiti.

On April 21, 1974, his Lordship, Most Rev Dr. Francis F. Alonge, was ordained the Auxiliary Bishop of Ondo Diocese, and on the retirement of Bishop Field, he became the residential Bishop and his Episcopal Enthronement took place in the Sacred Heart Cathedral, Akure, on August 22, 1976.

The Diocese of Ondo, as it is today, is within Ondo State. The number of parishes, Mass centers and priests has grown tremendously over the years. Today, we have thirty-seven parishes and Mass centers and the diocese is blessed with seventy-six priests serving within and outside the diocese. The Diocese has an area of 15,518 sqm. With a population of about 3,225,255 of which 265,000 are Catholics. The Diocesan Headquarters is Akure, the Capital City of Ondo State.